Berthet Sports services


In our workshop equipped with a "Wintersteiger Tunejet" robot, our technicians will overhaul your skis, so that they always stay in pristine condition:

  • base flattening,
  • edge sharpening using ceramic stones,
  • waxing.

The result is a truly excellent performance on bends and an exceptional glide.


Boot fitting

Our boot fitting service will find a solution to any problems with your ski boots.

  • SIDAS insoles moulded to your foot for:
    • maximum comfort,
    • shock absorption,
    • better pressure distribution leading to less heat generation and less cramp.
  • Boot shell widening to smooth out places where they press too hard.
  • Battery rechargeable heated insoles, to prevent your feet from getting cold.

50 Years' experience

Berthet Sports has over 50 years’ experience in winter sports.

A ski and snowboard rental service which understands every customer’s needs and will always meets your requirements in full. But also a fashion & sportswear boutique featuring the top summer/winter collections.

Ski technicians and instructors are always on hand to offer you guidance and information. Whether it’s specialised sportswear, skiing or snowboarding equipment you are after, an experienced sales assistant will provide you with the best advice and guidance.

A wide selection of equipment and free storage facilities

Berthet-sports also offers:

  • a wide selection of equipment, suitable for all levels (10 brands)
  • a well-maintained stock of skis thanks to our Wintersteiger robot, for optimal skiing performance and glide
  • rental boots disinfected and dried after every use
  • free storage and boot drying facilities in the store, which is located at the foot of the ski slopes


All the models we sell can be tried out.

With any purchase of new skis, a one-day trial is offered free of charge, together with the first repair (excluding promotions).


If you wish to take skiing lessons, the Ecole du Ski Français (French Ski School) is just a stone’s throw from the shop. You can pick up your skiing equipment and go straight to the Ski School.